Grandma’s Delicious (There Should Be More Gin in these) Gingersnap Cookies Recipe by: Ninaaaaaaaa


  • Butter (220g)
  • Sugar (200g)
  • Egg (1)
  • Gin (4tbs)
  • Molasses (60ml)
  • Flour (330g)
  • Baking soda (2)
  • Ground ginger & cinnamon & a pinch of salt


  1. Cream the butter and sugar together. Mix in the egg and molasses and gin, which is not that much gin. Are you wondering if that’s enough gin for the flavour to really carry over the others? Because molasses is pretty heavy in its own right. Maybe a little bit more gin. You bought this big old bottle because they were out of small ones so you might as well put it to use, the freaking minor fortune that it cost you. Do you have any tonic, now that you’re thinking about it? Maybe you do. Oh, look at that. You do.

  2. Combine the flour, ginger, cinnamon and baking soda. Don’t add the salt where the baking soda is because it’ll kill it!!!!! Salt kills baking soda. Little…little tiny salt soldiers coming in and running tiny swords through little baking sodas. Sad!! isn’t there another way of making this? aanyway stur in molasses. Wait no you already did that, what’s this then? put the—moasles mixture with salt killers flour. Make a dough. Wait you know what? before you make dough go put on that song.

  3. You know that song, with, oooh baby do you know what whats worth—yesss thank you google, heaven is a place on earth, god you love that black mirror episode. Can you believe it won an Emmy? Now dance like you remember they danced on that episode, but you’re only you so you have to the routine all by yourself also have more gin!! Have more gin. Dance with the gin! Where’s the gin bottle? Dance with the gin bottle. Are you more of a Yorkie or a Kelly? You think you’re more of a Yorkie but you’re probably a Kelly. Should you get bangs? Oh right the cookies, okay, okay you can do this, drink some water you can do this. Okay.

  4. Roll balls from dough. Put them on sheet. It’s shh it’s okay they’re not the same siz e is fine okay now turn on oven oh you forgot to preheat it, fuckig hell, okay preheat this while you have another drink now put on Christmas song. No not that one. Not that one. Yes that one is fine. Okay put cookies in oven. Okay good now text mom. I love you mom!!! Okay now text Sheryl. I love you Sheryl!!! haha. don t let the cookies get burnt

  5. don’t let ‘m get burnt, don’t let ‘m get burnt! don’t let ‘m get burnt, don’t let ‘m get burnt, SANTA CLAUSE IS COMING got burnt

  6. the cookies got burnt, the cookies got burnt! The cookies got burnt, the cookies got burnt, SANTA CLAUSE IS COMING TO BURNT

  7. maybe you should get bangs. where’s scissors? dance with the scirros. You’re tired. You should probably to go sleep. You try a cookie. It is burnt. You spit it into the sink. You pass out on the couch. Right before you do, you text your mom again. happy hannudays!!! where’s my thing that I left

  8. you drunk dream of your grandma. She looks well, happy. She laughs at the cookies and says, I used to burn these all the time.