Got No Lova, Pass Over the Pavlova! Simple and Yummy!
Recipe by: QuirkySingleLady


  • Eggs whites (4)
  • Sugar (220g)
  • Cornflour (2tbs)
  • White wine vinegar (2tbs)
  • Cream and fresh fruit for the topping


  1. There seems to be such a myth around the Pavlova, that it’s difficult and hard to achieve and is really fancy: not true at all!!!! Pavlovas are very easy once you know how to make them. The trick is exact measurements and patience. Start with: whisking the egg whites. Once they fluff up a little, add the sugar one table spoon at a time, until the mixture is firm and peaks. Then fold in the cornflour and the white wine vinegar.

  2. Pile like a wreath on a sheet of baking paper. Bake for two hours on a 130c. During those two hours, feel free to call back your friend, Jay, who’s going through a rocky time in their relationship. Try to be understanding, even though mostly you’re like um your partner is amazing and understanding and makes you coffee in the morning, so what you don’t have the same taste in music? But then Jay is like, You don’t get how lucky you are you get to shape your life according to your own vision and desires and you never ever ever have to consider someone else’s work schedule or holiday schedule or and you know Jay means it well but their words bounce around your heart like an echo chamber, like they’re so insubstantial they’ll never stick to anything. You look around your apartment that looks like it’s been thought up by a set designer whose only given keywords were “quirky single lady in the big city” and even though the room smells sweet and it’s just started snowing outside you feel like you want to quit but you don’t know what. What is there to quit? There is nothing to quit. You’re just you. There is nothing else.

  3. Cool the Pavlova for at least an additional hour. Then top with cream and fresh fruit.