Below you'll find a small selection of my copywriting work, from product reviews, to SEO blurbs, to campaign texts. 


Zotto sleep - mattress review 

"If the mattress world was a movie about an a 1950s rag-tag baseball team that — against all odds — makes it to the top, then Zotto Sleep would be the unexpected kid requited at a local game with a killer swing who, in the end, makes the definitive home run." 

janome marine - sewing machine review 

"One of the things we like best about the Marine Magic Basic sewing machine is its intuitive design. We found that it barely required any consulting: you plug it in, connect the pedal, and the rest is pretty self-explanatory. And one more thing: weighing a marginal 5 lbs, the Janome Marine Magic is all too easy to transport, store, or walk around with like it’s a fashion accessory (we’ll have the pink one, thank you)."


fingersmith - book review 

"I first read Fingersmith over a grey, grey Dutch summer. I was working three jobs and recovering from spectacularly broken heart, and a good friend proposed we read a book together to get me out of my hot bath of self-pity. I suggested Fingersmith, she agreed, and off we went."

the big move - crowd funding campaign


"Adulthood has been knocking on my door for a while. It came by when it knew I was home and when I didn't open, it shouted through the letter box: "I know you're in there I can see the tv is on through the window you're watching Say Yes to the Dress I can see it literally right now." It would call me at 6 in the morning, it would show up at my favourite cafe. It would wait outside the bar on a Friday evening and make it difficult for me to get my bike. I would be like, "You're coming on a bit strong buddy," and it would be like, "Do you think I like being this way? You're making me this way." I pretended I didn't know what it was talking about."

storytelling invitation - event


"Some of you (mom) might remember--I did not pop into the world a  storyteller. This was definitely not for a lack of want and as a kid there was one thing I wanted  more desperately than my room being a swimming pool (or eating my way through a giant candy)--and that was being at the absolute centre of attention, always. And when I found out lying was a thing you could do to make your stories cooler? Oh man, the entire period of '96 to '06 is like a bad hangover blank of DID I REALLY RIDE A DRAGON TO SCHOOL or was that Sharon's mom picking me up with a car? Wait. Did--guys, did--did we try to rob a bank? Guys? Did--?"