A Dutch-Israeli mixed-bag-diaspora child currently situated in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

My background is in comparative literature (Utrecht University and SUNY Binghamton), specialised in memory and landscape. If left to my own devices I will probably only write about either zombies or people forced to work on their communication skills while stuck in a house together. There will be whole paragraphs devoted to the weather. 

Currently returned from a month-long writer's residency at Centre Pompadour in Ercourt, France, aka feminist castle in the middle of nowhere, France, where I worked on a collection of short stories about monsters and women. And monsterwomen.  

Also! Proud founder and member of (Dutch) feminist publishing house "Chaos", which is about to produce some absolute magic. If you have any questions on what we do, why we do what we do, or you have something brilliant to pitch to us, you can contact me there at yael@uitgeverijchaos.nl  

In my other incarnations I:

  • Lectured in Comparative Literature at Utrecht University 
  • Give  storytelling workshops (contact).
  • I'm also available for talks on feminism, literature, pop culture and trees. Yes, that's right--trees.  For more info contact me here.
  • Can be found at any given storytelling event confessing all of my deepest secrets. 
  • Consume all of pop culture. Yep. Literally all of it. @me with your podcast recommendations, I have too many and I still want more.